Holy Trinity – like all other parish churches – does not receive any government or diocesan funding. The PCC is a registered charity (Charity No 1134135) and, one way or another, we have to raise all of the £110,000 or so needed in our annual budget.

This we do principally through the very generous stewardship of our church members and the donations of visitors to the church, and being able to reclaim 25% Gift Aid on most of it is clearly incredibly valuable. We raise the majority of the remainder from fundraising events such as the ‘Street Market’, from wedding and funeral fees, and from fees for church lettings, which we now hope will really grow: see Hiring the church.      

The two leaflets explain the budget and our particular needs, and give you all the information you might need to offer us your support. We are daily aware of how incredibly generous God is towards us, and so firmly believe, as a church, that it is our joy and our responsibility to respond, for ‘God loves a cheerful giver’.  We are deeply grateful for every penny we receive and we are committed to use it wisely and to his glory.


HT Financial Commitment 2017.pdf HT Plans and Needs 2018.pdf