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Holy Trinity in the future

The regeneration of the church

One of the Groups participating in Holy Trinity has a Vision was the Buildings, Administration & Finance/Stewardship Group, facilitated by Ian Stanes. Having submitted its final report to the PCC in March 2012, the Group invited members of the Church community, visitors and others with an interest to complete a questionnaire about their feelings about the church building and give their views on changes that they would like to see. The Group’s analysis of of the results of this consultation can be read here. At the PCC’s request the Group took the next step of selecting a short list of potential architects and invited seven practices to compete: it then made recommendations to the Standing Committee.

Three of the candidates were invited to make presentations in Church in September 2013 and the Chedburn Dudley practice in Limpley Stoke were appointed [click here to visit their web site]. At the same time, Jim Crouch of Buro Happold Engineering was appointed Project Manager [click here to visit their web site]. A Holy Trinity Re-ordering Steering Group, comprising Joanna (Chairman), John Cox, Anne Willis, Deborah Robinson, and the PCC Treasurer (ex-officio), was appointed to see the project forward.


In April 2015, the proposals for the regeneration of the Church were presented to the community at large. There then followed a period of wide–ranging consultation, with the congregation, the DAC, and a wide variety of outside bodies, such as Heritage England, the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust, the local Planning Authority and the Town Council. Potential users, such as choirs, were also contacted to try to ensure that the proposals would meet their needs. As these consultations progressed, the scheme was progressively revised to incorporate suggestions and advice and an options appraisal was conducted to ensure that the solutions put forward were the most cost-effective.

Responses to invitations to tender for the final scheme of works were considered in the Autumn of 2015 and Ellis & Co (Restoration and  Building) of Shepton Mallet [click here to visit their web site] were contracted to undertake the work. Wessex Archaeology [click here to visit their web site] have been contracted to work with them on potentially sensitive areas of the project.

After a frustrating and potentially expensive hiccup due to last minute objections, the Chancellor of the Salisbury Diocese Consistory Court issued the licence for the Faculty in January 2016. The contractors moved onto site on 1st February, just as the last of the furniture that we are keeping, etc., was moved out to storage.

The DAC have given us an award for the quality of our faculty submission. In approving the application, the Chancellor said:

I have been extremely impressed by the way in which those making those plans have been sensitive to the historic fabric of Holy Trinity. I am impressed by the expertise of the professionals involved and by the vision and detailed planning of members of the church.

I am satisfied that ….following the input of the other bodies such as Historic England, a sensitive and appropriate plan for the securing of the future of Holy Trinity has been reached. The highest level of design and materials will be employed.”

Click here to read further extracts from the Chancellor’s letter.

Click here to see the detailed regeneration scheme

Progress gallery

Photo-gallery of images of work in progress.

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And it is also wonderful to record all the floor-tile dedications received as a result of our very successful ‘Sponsor a Tile’ fundraising project.